Susan Storm - 1610 (Ultimate) Universe

Sue Storm was born to Dr. Franklin Storm and Dr. Mary Storm. She also has a younger brother, Johnny.

That’s sexist, mom.

Like her scientist parents before her, Sue showed her brilliance at a young age, creating a rocket with a sugar engine at age 8 that damaged the family car. Her mother died when she and Johnny were still young (or did she) and Sue stepped up to help care for her younger brother.

When we meet Sue she is living in the Baxter Building, a government think tank and school for gifted young people run by her father.

When they meet Sue is an intellectual match to Reed Richards, though she finds through the course of her studies that her area of expertise is biology and “inner space”. Still, she generally has little trouble keeping up with Reed and they encourage each other in their studies and work together when the task is appropriate. 

She and Reed and Victor Van Damme work together on Reed’s inter-dimensional portal. Victor secretly changes the calculations on the machine, and as a result he, Sue, Johnny, Reed, and Ben Grimm are caught in the portal. 

They are tossed through the N-Zone and come out all over the world. Susan ends up in Las Vegas but is kidnapped by their old teacher, Dr. Molevic, before she wakes. 

The accident transforms Sue’s physiology so that she is able to make herself invisible. She can also create force fields at will, as shown below.

Sue can also fly, and lift and carry others in her fields.

Sue really shines throughout this series. She is the most stable and practical member of the team, and keeps Reed in check as best she can. She struggles sometimes to understand him, and they mis-communicate a fair amount. He tends to ignore her (and everyone) in favor of his work, and later in the series actively pushes her away because he is so caught up in his project. Eventually she tires of being ignored/neglected and ends the relationship. 

Sue is fearless and inventive in battle. While many consider her powers to be defensive, in this universe she uses her force fields very offensively. She uses them to bludgeon, entrap, and slice her enemies. She’s also used her powers to blind her enemies (turned their optic nerves invisible), suffocate them, and killed Marvel Zombie universe Reed by putting a field in his brain and popping it. 

During Ultimatum and in Ultimate Doomsday we see Sue and Ben becoming close. They are currently engaged.

Sue has recently made appearances in Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates. She is also shown in upcoming previews so keep reading for more Sue!

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