Johnny Storm - 1610 (Ultimate) Universe

Johnny is the son of Dr. Franklin and Dr. Mary Storm. He has an older sister, Susan Storm, who he is close to despite their many differences. Johnny’s mother died when he was very young, leading him to rely heavily on his sister as they grew up. His family lives in the Baxter Building, where Dr Storm runs a government think tank/school for young people of exceptional intelligence. 

Unlike his parents and sister, Johnny really does not have a head for science or school in general. He often feels out of place and misunderstood by his father, who he gets into disagreements with frequently. Although he’s not involved in the scientific side of the preparations, Johnny is right beside his sister and friends when they attempt to beam an apple into an alternate dimension, the N-Zone. Thanks to their friend Victor Van Damme changing the settings on the machine secretly, the teleport engulfs Johnny, his sister, Reed Richards, Victor, and Reed’s best friend Ben Grimm. They are taken through the N-zone and reappear all over the globe.

The accident leaves Johnny with the ability to burst into flame without damaging himself. He can use this ability to fly and to throw fire at enemies.

Going a little beyond “not a genius”, Johnny is somewhat lacking in the intellect department and often appears vapid and shallow. However, he is very devoted to his friends and family and never shies away from heading into danger for the sake of others.

 He’s exceptionally good-looking and enjoys being the center of attention.

 Sadly I did not feel Johnny was very thoroughly developed in the Ultimate Fantastic Four series. His lack of involvement in the science end of things (with Sue and Reed) is partly to blame, and also his age. The whole team is quite young, Reed and the others are only around age 21 when the accident occurs, but Johnny appears to be 3-5 years younger than Sue, leaving him only a teenager when he gains his powers.

Johnny is reckless and headstrong, willfully jumping into situations without fear. Though he has a reputation for being full of himself and exudes confidence, he occasionally reveals he feels his “dumb ass” is worth less than the lives of others. He feels out of place in the brainiac culture of the Baxter building. Though he later joins the X-men, he always feels like a bit of an outsider there as well. This doesn’t stop him from doing what he feels is right, though, and putting himself into a dangerous position in order to protect the defenseless.  

To my knowledge, he appears a fair amount in Ultimate Spider-man volume 1 (his first appearance is in issue 68, where the Four convince him to go and finish getting his high school diploma), befriending Peter and company as they all attend Midtown High together. 

(everything is attracted to Johnny!)

Ultimatum is a big change for Johnny. I DO NOT suggest reading it, but suffice it to say the event finds our hero arguing about his future with his father, when NY is swept by a devastating flood. They’re both swept away, and Dr. Storm is killed. Overcome by regret and grief, feeling more out of place than ever, Johnny leaves the Baxter Building and lives with (Aunt) May and Peter Parker, Bobby Drake, and Gwen Stacey.

After Peter’s death, Johnny (dyes his hair black and) moves into the Morlock tunnels beneath NY with Bobby, Kitty Pryde, and later Jimmy Hudson (son of Wolverine) and Rogue. When Kitty and the other mutants leave to instigate a mutant rebellion, Johnny decides to stay in the tunnels to protect the group of abandoned mutant children they are leaving behind. 

However, the tunnels are raided and we lose track of Johnny for a number of issues. We saw him last in Ultimate Comics: Ultimate X-men #18,

 Nothing further on his whereabouts has come to light. (We are now on issue 25…still waiting on resolution and answers. I really, really love this damn kid and I am horribly worried about him. Pardon my hand-wringing.)

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