I will not apologize

for not feeling empowered by a movie that took two previously fantastic female characters

and fridged one brutally

and the other was kidnapped, restrained, her body violated and altered against her will, threatened with rape, fell to what should have been her death (all to motivate the male protagonist, which was entirely unnecessary given the quality of his character)

because they had ONE conversation that was not about men

or because the brutalized woman got to enact revenge upon her captor

that was not a good feeling for some people so if you felt there was a message of empowerment in that I’m honestly happy for what the movie gave you

but please respect that not everyone felt that way

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  1. inactive-sagalicious said: Uhm. I’m sorry if this sounds stupid. But could you explain this to me? I don’t really get it, but i’d love to.
  2. avengercat said: What movie is this?
  3. thyrza said: I’ve made peace with the fact that some people like the movie (like myself) and some people don’t (like many folks I’d consider myself friends with), and it’s so exhausting seeing people arguing. I wish we could all just get along! :(
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